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The postal address and telephone numbers for the Centre for Social Concern can be found at the bottom of the page. If you would like to contact people for a specific purpose or project their email addresses are as follows:

Programme - Role
E-mail Address


Jos Kuppens director@cfscmalawi.org or jkuppens@cfscmalawi.org


Modesta Zulu modestazulu@cfscmalawi.org


Mtisunge Mtilatila mtisunge@cfscmalawi.org or admin@cfscmalawi.org
Basic Needs Basket - Urban General enquiries
Ireen P. Kombo
ireen@cfscmalawi.org or bnb-urban@cfscmalawi.org
Basic Needs Basket - Rural General enquiries
Kondwani Hara
kondwahara@cfscmalawi.org or bnb-rural@cfscmalawi.org

Catholic Social Teaching

Jos Kuppens jkuppens@cfscmalawi.org

Communications and Publications

Bill Turnbull billturnbull@cfscmalawi.org

Economic Justice

Lucky Mfungwe lucky@cfscmalawi.org

Food Security Component

Kondwani Hara kondwahara@cfscmalawi.org or bnb-rural@cfscmalawi.org

Human Trafficking
(interim contacts)

Tobias Jere
Bill Turnbull
tobias@cfscmalawi.org or

Inter Religious Dialogue

Tobias Jere tobias@cfscmalawi.org

Library and Resources

Rose Phodogoma rphodogoma@cfscmalawi.org

Social Conditions Programme

Ireen P. Kombo ireen@cfscmalawi.org

Training for Transformation

Jos Kuppens jkuppens@cfscmalawi.org

Information Technology (IT)

Dickson Makwinja dickmakwinja@cfscmalawi.org

Web Master

Bill Turnbull webmaster@cfscmalawi.org

Centre for Social Concern
Missionaries of Africa
P.O. Box 40009
Lilongwe 4, Malawi
Tel. +265 1 715 632 / +265 1 715 450
Fax: +265 1 716 138
E-Mail: Jos Kuppens

Web Site: www.cfscmalawi.org