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Project List

The Centre for Social Concern in its analysis has established that poverty the factor that impacts most on human dignity of Malawians. It has therefore developed the following programs:

The Social Conditions Programme examines the poverty situation with reference to local conditions and causes

This has as main recurrent activity the Basic Needs Basket (BNB), which is simple way in calculating the cost of living.
It does occasional research coming from the data collected through the BNB survey.
Another activity is Social Protection monitoring.

The Economic Justice Programme looks at the international contributing factors of the persistent poverty in Malawi.

It examines the international trade relations and imbalances and how they impact on the cost of living
It monitors the spending of funds freed through debt cancellation
It promotes tax justice through studying the present tax system and proposing a more equitable way, where the stronger shoulders carry the bigger burden

The Human and Social Capital Programme works at assisting youth and others to be better prepared through information sharing for their tasks in society

The library and resource centre assist especially youth and young students through providing study facilities and books
The Press Review offers information about how the press reported the events month by month and so forms its readers to be critical
The Awareness Programme on Human Trafficking helps people to understand the evil of this modern form of slavery and combat it.

The Religion as Transformation Programme helps making religion a positive force for change in society

The furthering of Catholic Social Teaching wants to make this "best kept secret" better known so that it can influence people to contribute better to the transformation of society
The Interfaith Dialogue project studies how the faith dimension contributes to both the betterment of society as well as to conflict.

Administration assists in the implementation of all activities

For further information about CfSC Projects please contact The Director