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Social Protection

With the aim of promoting social accountability as a fundamental human right of every Malawian, the Centre for Social Concern (CFSC) will, from 2008 be conducting both Budget Tracking (Monitoring) and Social Auditing of the implementation of the newly developed Malawi's Social Protection Policy in Mchinji district. This task, which is also promoting social justice, is jointly done by the Economic Justice ans Good Governance program (with more focus on budget analysis and tracking) and the Social Conditions Research program (with much focus on social auditing).

The Social Protection Policy in Malawi is aimed at providing social transfers to the most vulnerable members of society in Malawi, the majority of whom are from female-headed, elderly headed and child headed households; among those who live below Malawi’s poverty line. Cash transfers are targetting the poorest (the ultra poor) who fail to acquire minimum daily food requirements.

Budget tracking/monitoring and social auditing will every year follow the five processes of social accountability system:

Planning and Resource Allocation of social protection program in Mchinji
Expenditure Management of the allocated resources
Performance Management of the project implementers at district, community and village levels
Public Integrity of policy makers and project implementers
Role of Oversight Bodies, to ensure that all players are made accountable for their performance.

For further information concerning the Social Protection please contact Fr. Jos Kuppens
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