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The Centre's vision is that every Malawian woman, man, girl, boy and child live a life of human dignity in solidarity and attain a fuller life.

The vision of the CfSC is rooted in Gospel values. It is inspired and challenged by the Social Teaching of the Church. The promotion of Human Dignity is central to all its programs and activities. The CfSC puts into the practice the teachings of recent Popes like John Paul II, who posited that the final criteria for all our action is that it promote human dignity.

Social Justice and the preferential option for the poor help the CfSC to choose where to and in what to engage. The promotion of the common good and subsidiarity make the right blend to build a society where justice can thrive and both the community and individuals come to their full fruition.

The CfSC sees democracy as a process, which needs to find a content that allows people to enjoy their rights and entitlements.